Pulled CPU out stuck to heatsink - replaced and now won't boot

So I decided to clean out the internals of a PC. the specs were AMD Athlon II x4 630 with GIGABYTE m85m-us2h motherboard.
When I decided to take out the extremely dirty heatsink - I noticed a bit of resistance and then the whole thing came off
attached to the cpu.... by a black patch of some heat-tape or something.

I only noticed one bent pin which I straightened out (it fitted in perfectly... i checked) but when we decided to power up-
the fans whirred but no screen... no POST ... no beeps :(
So the only place that could have been likely do have been damaged would either be the CPU or the mobo.
While cleaning out I only used a brush on the non-mobo area of the case.

So could anyone give me any ideas on what to try/what to do/how stuff could be broken?
I don't have a second cpu to try on the mobo but I suspect the cpu's fault.

And can dust (the normal type :P) cause a short in the cpu?

Thanks :)
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  1. and also... if the cpu is in but nothing happens... will the cpu get warm?

    you see - it's stuck to a thermal pad.
  2. Did you ever fix this? I'm having the same problem, except none of my pins were bent. Tried different motherboards and everything. I called ASUS support and they said the mobo was dead, but I had a mobo two days ago working and I tested it in it and still nothing. If you fixed it, how?
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