Suggestions on upgrades. Please Help

So my current pc build is....

Asus 24 inch led 1080p monitor
intel i7 860 2.8 ghz proccessor
Zotac GTX 570 video card
4gb of Corsair ddr3 1333 ram
750 watt Corsair power supply
evga p55 ftw motherboard
Corsair h50 liquid cooling unit
Western Digital Caviar Black 1tb-7200 rpm
Antec illusion case
lite on dvd burner

I just won, a GTX 580 w/ built in watercooling in a contest and I am currently selling my gtx 570 for some extra cash for upgrades... I was wondering whats the most cost effective purchases on upgrades for upcoming games BF3/Diablo 3,SWTOR,Dead Island etc. I was leaning towards I5 2500k cpu, sata 6/gbps mobo, adding a second hard drive for raid 0, or a 60gb ssd, bigger case to fit both my cpu watercooling and new video card water cooling, 8 gb of faster gaming ram.... What does everyone think? I am looking to spend around 500 on upgrades off newegg. Should I wait on a ssd tell it drops and run another 3/gbps caviar black for raid 0? etc...
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  1. changing cpu/mb and RAM will make absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to your frame rates
  2. I can't see a single reason to upgrade your cpu unless you have money to waste.

    Especially when you haven't even overclocked it yet.
  3. Alright, What about getting a SSD, any you recommend for my SATA 3GBPS interface?
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