GTX 560 with Core i3?

Hey guys! I was just wondering whether I would get a bottleneck with an Intel Core i3 530 (dual core 2.93ghz) and an EVGA GTX 560 (not Ti version) together. If there isn't a bottleneck, what about the GTX 560 Ti? -Thanks
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  1. i think there should be no bottleneck, also overclock your cpu because its a real oc monster.
  2. Yes as said above its fine. The 560 is around about teh same performance as the 5850 which the i3 530 seems not to have an issue powering,2588.html

    Mactronix :)
  3. for gaming i3 2100 which is sandy bridge will be far better than othe i3.
  4. rickytrux11 said:
    for gaming i3 2100 which is sandy bridge will be far better than othe i3.

  5. stock for stock i3 2100 is better. honestly for people on budget i don't have any problem recommending the i3 2100. the only draw back you get with it is you can't overclock the processor
  6. why? Whats wrong with oc?
  7. i3 2100 cant be oc'ed, if he has the i3 530, we cant say him to go with 2100, but if he doesn't have it, i would strongly recommend 2100 over 530 any day
  8. for those who don't mess up with overclock i3 2100 was a solid choice for budget gamer. but if they want to OC just go straight for the K series proc
  9. Thanks alot for the comments guys. I do already have this setup, and I'm not going to spend anything more on components than this GFX card. If some of you say to OC my cpu, how can I do that? I know how to do it on a GFX card but CPU??
  10. I have whats called "Smart Quick boost" program from my Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobtherboard. The highest preset clock it has is 3.52ghz. Is that significant? And can I trust it haha?
  11. not sure about that. but for me i like to do it the old way
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