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Gday, 'Im panning on building a full custom pc case made from and old military ammo tin - camo green, big metal buckles for the lid Looks sweet. The only problem I'm encountering is don't want the motherboard shorting out on the case, so I've decided to use a motherboard tray.
So if I suspend the mother board try off the inside of the case would that work you reckon?
Or are motherboard screw mounting are non-conductive so it should be safe from a short circuit?
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  1. the motherboard is isolated from the motherboard tray in a computer . The stand offs hold it apart .
    I would consider getting an old case and salvaging the mb tray and/or drive cages
  2. That was the plan :).
    I just wasn't sure if the the stands\screw mounting were the barrier or something else I may have over looked.

    Many thanks outlander
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