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Hey guys iv bought the phenom 2 955 be CPU. Currently have. 460gtx soc in there but fancying a 580gtx soc possibly if not 580gtx. Was wondering if the CPU would bottleneck it in anyway? Psu is a corsair gold 850w. Windows 7 and 8gb ram. Thanks in advance
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  1. That would be dependent on your resolution to some extent.
    Take a look here,2699.html

    They have your CPU, you will notice its overclocked. they do not have a 580 but they do have a 5970 which is a more powerful card than the 580 so if its ok for the 5970 its ok for a 580 the way i see it.
    So looking at the charts for each game you can see quickly which CPU's are struggling with that level of GPU power and yours just isnt. As long as its overclocked. There are other links on the first page of that article and one of them shows that if your staying at stock speeds then you will probably get restricted.

    Mactronix :)
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