Help me pick best ASROCK board for my budget.

Which is better Z77 motherboard for the money?
My Asus z68 pro gen 3 board is dead, need a replacement, this 3 board i consider all asrock cause is it comes with freebie.
Please help me decide, i also saw $90 asrock z77 board with free ssd but the board only has 1 year warrantly it doesn't virtu, so i ruled that one out.

A) ASROCK z77 pro 4 ($110)+ free 60gb ocz ssd sata 6 with $10 rebate

B) Fatal1ty Z77 Performance ($140) + free 60gb ozc ssd sata 6 with $10 rebate

C) ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4 ($135) + free 8gb ddr3
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  1. Depends on your requirements. The Z77 Extreme4 supports SLI/Crossfire, the Fatal1ty doesn't (only Crossfire with 16x/4x which isn't optimal).
    The pro4 isn't designed for overclocking like the other two.

    The price itself favors the Extreme4 IMO, but if you want the SSD more than the RAM that may change things.
  2. C) ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4 ($135) + free 8gb ddr3

    Because I have it & it's an AWESOME VFM board! OC'ing with it's UEFI is absolutely great : )
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