NVidia GTS 250 Driver Problems

I just bought a used, custom-built desktop. It has:

nVidia nForce 750i SLI Mainboard
nVidia GTS 250 GPU

Now, I have to manually install the drivers for both of these pieces of hardware. For the GPU, I have tried to install version 257.21, 258.96, and 275.33.

On both the 257.21, and 258.96 versions, it gets half-way through the installation and says "could not instal nVidia Control Panel, returning to last working version of drivers." Or something like that. The problem is that....there are no older, working drivers....

On the 275.33, it checks the hardware and gives a happy, green checkmark. Then when it tries to install it comes up with a random "Drivers Failed to install" screen and it closes out. WTH is going on? Why can I not just install some simple drivers for my graphics card?

I have a clean install of Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1.
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  1. Upgrade your XP to SP2! Try installing the drivers in safe mode.
  2. Ok. I wasn't sure if that was the problem. It says that the driver should work with SP1 but maybe it has a glitch. I've tried installing in safe mode and it still does the same thing. :(
  3. I'd use the drivers that came with the thing if you have them.

    If not, contact Nvidia and give them details.
  4. did you install the correct driver version for your system?
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