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Hi all,

I have a Dell inspiron 530 ( ( with a q6600 cpu and 4850 gpu. I wanna do a quick gpu upgrade for the new games coming out (bf3, rage, diablo3 etc). Do you think a 6970 or a nvidia 580 would fit in the case ? I'd have to upgrade the PSU as well, will heat be an issue ? Please help, thanks so much.
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  1. Your current PSU : 300W - you need to upgrade, 550W or more, need lots of power on +12V rail.
    Your current GPU : HD4850 by 6970, good choice,
    Your current CPU : Q6600 - Still a very good CPU for gaming

    Video card
    GIGABYTE GV-R697OC-2GD Radeon HD 6970 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 - 11.4" x 5" x 1.5"

    check out if you have 11.4"

    Seasonic SS-560KM Active PFC F3, 560W
    Very very good power supply, you will never be unhappy with that
  2. if you made a plan to upgrade your gpu then you must upgrade your cpu as well your cpu is able to run upcomming games but not on max setting your cpu is the starting model in quad series and not suitable for latest cards.

    Suppose if you buy a heavy card like ati 6970 or nvidia gtx 580 may be your cpu has huge bottleneck and gamming performance may you you should go for q9550 or i5 2400 iam sure you want a card for heavy games and you playing games at max setting iam i right
  3. Thanks for replies all, yes I'd like to play BF3 on high settings 1920x1080. Q6600 w/ 580 wouldn't be able to handle it ?

    Maybe wait for kepler/souther islands then along with cpu upgrade?
  4. It could probably play it and quite good settings, but your CPU would be your bottleneck. If you upgrade to a better Core 2 Quad series, or overclock (prolly can't do that if you've got the stock Dell motherboard), it would help things out a bit, but I do believe you could play decent games with the Q6600.
  5. maybe get a 6770? or something in that range? not the latest and greatest but wont bottleneck (i think) or at least wouldnt as bad with an older cpu like that.
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