No post beep&cpu fan just wiggles

Hello, I just built this computer last weekend. Everything worked perfectly until now.
Gigabyte GA 970A D3
AMD FX 6100
Kingston Hyperx red edition 1600 2x4GB cards
Sapphire Radeon 6870
Rosewill 650W PSU
Seagate Constellation 500GB
Lite On DVD-RW

Today the power went out [in my house] for 10 seconds and when I powered on the PC again I get:
No post beep
Nothing on screen
CPU fan wiggles every 5 seconds but doesn't spin
Everything else powers up including a case fan wired to the motherboard
I hear the HDD restart every 20 seconds

I tried removing all external cables and removing cmos battery. Let sit for 10 minutes and retried with no effect.

Does anyone have a guess as to what has failed?
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  1. My first response here would be to check all connections going into the motherboard. Make sure they are securely connected including the wires going into the connectors.
  2. Check the eight pin cpu power connector first make sure it is seated, then check the motherboard connector make sure it is seated. Also check cpu heatsink fan is properly connected.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I tried reseating the cables with no effect. I should clarify that if was my house that lost power and not the PC itself. Sorry.
  4. I bet you do not have you computer pluged into a surge protector.
  5. I just have a cheap surge protector strip.
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    If after reset CMOS still no effect there could be 2 things, Burn PSU or mobo.... u will need borrow PSU to test it..

    edit: try change the surge protector strip....(or try connect it directly to the wall)
  7. I just tested the voltage on the power supply and the outlet with a multimeter. Everything seems to be within tolerance. Everything points to the MB so far but is there any way to tell if the cpu is the culprit?
  8. Also I plugged the cpu fan into the system fan 1 slot and it spun right up so I know that still works. Has to be the MB.
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