Bypassing VPN to get Internet Access

Doing this crazy assignment is driving my crazy, especially it is the Windows 2008 server environment.

My instructors wants me to configure two 2008 virtual machines in the VMware workstation environment. One is the server that has two cards (one is connected to a NAT and the other is connected to a another local area connection which is connected to the client server.
The I got everything set up (I think, but the rule is no Access Directory roles). Do I configure the local area connection to which IPv4 (no IPv6) address do I input connecting to the client server (DNS address or the IP4 address when I do the ipconfig /all routine on the server.) and the client VPN is set up is there anything to it that I need to know?
How to bypass the VPN, to get the client access to the Internet? VPN can access the internet, but the catch is when it is shut off.

IP address range for the to " ".21

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  1. I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish. You mention NAT which translates addresses, then you mention DNS which generally has nothing to do with NAT, then you mention active directory which really has nothing to do with any of it, then you ask how to bypass a VPN that doesn't mention end points or what traffic you're trying to encrypt, and then to top it off you list a network range / subnet that's simply uhh not possible. would give you - usable address space. would give you - usable address space. Again, would love to help, but got no where to start here. I'd recommend getting with your teacher as they maybe able to help better than we can here. If you're stuck a network diagram of what you're trying to accomplish would be much better. Keep in mind no one here will do your home work for you.
  2. Figured it out,
    They forgot about a second set of range numbers for the router, Once that was given out, plug away. are all network internal address ranges.
    All I did was to configure the client server was to install the VPN and assign it as auto linking it to the main server- it has to be intentionally disabled to work and re-established before disabling it. No DHCP or DNS installed, it is just a slave to the main server.
    Main server was configured to DNS, Remote and Router access. I made sure this was installed first before DHCP, I found out that through other students that DHCP installed first would screw things up. Once installed, I configured the DNS with the first range of numbers and configured the host in the last octet as 1 as host. Add the second set of address range to the router. Made sure that the DHCP was installed and set the nat. Made sure that the numbers are the same as the host address in the DNS and DHCP with the IPV4
    It worked, VPN disabled or not. Can still get Internet. Just because the instructors didn't give out the second set on the sheet by mistake.
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