TMPIN 1temp reading 123*

Hey guys, I've been looking into overclocking my rig for the first time, and just downloaded CPUID Hardware Monitor, before overclocking anything my TMPIN 1 temperature is reading at 123*C.
The rest are reading rather normal TMPIN 0 at 20* and TMPIN 2 at 28*. Could this possibly be Hardware monitor giving me a faulty reading? Or should I be concerned?
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  1. Constant 123°C? Looks like a bad sensor or a none existing one.
  2. Is TMPIN1 even connected to anything? That tmp sensor isn't referencing the same component on every board. Sometimes that's the CPU... sometimes the VR MOSFETs. Sometimes if it doesn't even exist, it will present wild results.
  3. Hey guys thank you for the quick replies!

    Well, it's not constant, but it's consistently in the 120's range I've double checked and verified it is Celsius not Fahrenheit, it's reading something like 240-260 Fahrenheit.

    Is there a way to tell or test if it's connected or anything?

    I'm currently running an

    -AMD Athlon II X2 250 CPU

    -MSI 990 FXA GD-80 MB

    - Corsair Vengeance 4gb DDR3 RAM x2

    -AMD HD6750 VGA

    I intended to run it with an AMD FX 8120, but may have to wait for christmas for that.
  4. Also, is there another temp monitoring program I should look into?
  5. According to this discussion, TMPIN1 is the CPU temp for that board.
    If that was an accurate temp of your CPU, it would have shut down way before reaching that temp.

    Check the temp readings in BIOS when you boot. They will be at idle, of course, but that should give you a comparison. Also, you could try Core Temp. I have found it fairly accurate for AMD processors. But keep in mind, all cores will read the same because AMD processors don't have individual core sensors.
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