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I'm starting a new build for gaming and want to know whats the best 2133 - 32GB memory for the Asus Rampage IV Extreme. I'll be running an 3960X CPU, single 690 Video, Koolance liquid cooling, SSD and would like to OC to around 4.2Ghz or so. I'll be using one Dell 30" monitor. The only reason I'd like 32GB is I might want to setup a ram drive at some point.

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  1. That is one hell of a setup. I wish I had those kind of funds for my build! Hopefully this will help you out but unfortunately there are no ram disk benchmarks.,3100.html

  2. Instead of setting up a ram disk why not just take advantage of that SSD? or raid a few SSDs if you feel it's too slow? The cost of a ramdisk just doesn't seem worth it to me for the massive cost of the small space you'll get. Sure you could get 2 16gb kits for 32gb of ram but then you only get a 16gb ram disk for several hundred bucks when you could spend that on a couple 128gb SSDs and raid them for very similar performance with a far greater capacity
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