Bad pc won't run right. lots of crashin.

parts list.

amd fx 8120

asus sabertooth 990fx

2 8 gig kits from g skill ddr3 1866 timing 9-10-9-28

evga gtx-580

plextor ssd 128 gig

wd black 600 gig

big foot killer 2100 nic

xfi pro sound card

My problem is she crash's random times. some times it has a blue screen some times just restarts. found 1 set of bad memory so there is only one set in right now but still the memory isn't even right the mother board will not run the memory at listed timing. It changes the timing's all the time some times it list them at 9-9-9-24 other times it list them at 11-11-11-30. It also changes the dram voltage from 1.5 to 1.65 witch there volt should be 1.5. I have no idea what could be wrong at this point i want to send every thing back and start over. The times it crashes in windows is under no load. never had it crash in a game. just doing work for my shop witch is what makes this bad. I need this pc for work stuff. The amd fx has a corsair h70 water cooler on it. I have tried stock speed and overclock speed still dose it. What should i check next? Oh and the north bridge voltage is always 1.11 volts g skill said it was to be 1.20 witch if i set it there it stays but why would it not do that on its own. I updated the bios and it got a little better but not ok.
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  1. So i just did a 10 hour stress test
    First stock clock prime 95 64 bit for 2 hours
    than 3.9 gig on prime95 64 bit for 8 hours.

    no crash. Still driving me crazy with these random crashes.
  2. Here something there is a high pitch sound coming from where the vrm are. crazy part when ever i click the mouse the noise stops just when i click it comes right back. always there. Think might be a bad board.
  3. High pitch noise, I could be wrong, but that sounds like a bad or failing psu.
  4. Cygnus x-1 said:
    High pitch noise, I could be wrong, but that sounds like a bad or failing psu.

    +1. but could be the motherboard also. What make and model is your psu? For a rig like yours you could be pushing near 600w under full load. For that rig i would use a good quality 850w psu. If you can return any of the parts, return the cpu and motherboard and get an intel i5 2500k. Its a LOT better for gaming, and most applications, and a LOT more power efficient. Heck, even a phenom II x6 is faster than the 8 core bulldozer across 80% of applications and will save you power. Unless your running a program that makes use of 8 bulldozer cores (there arent many) that CPU is just wasting your power.
  5. I have a antec true power 750 blue and In my case the ps seats in the bottom of the case and vrm are no where near the ps. The pc pulls 705 watts with every thing going. when gaming she only pulls 400 watts. I know it was the board and i don't mind that amd 8120 isn't as fast as the 2500k at stock speeds but I love amd to death. Don't get me wrong i run intel core i7 on all laptops but for my desktop its going to be amd as long as i can. If amd ever dose close its doors i hope nvidia gets there ass in to gear to fight intel. I just hate intel prices because they can do whatever they want. Im waiting for piledriver. The funny part about me liking amd so much i ******* hate there video cards. They can't make a driver to save there life. I ordered the new crosshair 5 and will be doing testing at stock once that is good we will overclock to 4.5 gigs and at that speed 2500k has no chance.
  6. Im starting to hate my pc. so im still getting freeze's but even faster now. if i try to instlall windows it locks on the first screen and if i go in the bios i have about 5 mins until it freeze's in there. I have tried 3 sets of g skill drr 3 1866 sniper witch it seems like all am3+ users are using this stuff. I sent back the sabertooth for the crosshair 5 and i tried 2 cpus. I know there is nothing wrong with my amd x3 720 it runs the server pc all day and night. If its not memory cpu or motherboard what could it be?
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