Will these 2 ram work together?

I've been searching around the net about running two different rams together. So I want to upgrade my ram.

My current ram: (Also in the link)
Adata 2x2GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

And I want to add the Corsair Dominator Platinum. Which has the same specs as my Adata. Will it work? I just want to clarify before buying. The link below has the compare page from new egg and I have the Adata wanting to get the Dominator platinum.

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  1. The only problem I see is the different voltages, but with same latency these should run together fine.

    If there is an issue, you could just remove the Adata and put in the Corsair and you'd see a performance hike just going from 4 to 8GB, or choose Corsair Vengeance or GSkill Ripjaws and get two 8GB kits.
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