Atx Eatx problem ?

i am actually in for a new mobo at first i chose Maximus 5 formula . i found it perfect for my needs BUT when saw it was a eatx form factor mobo i thought i can't fit it into my case . i tried everyweare to find out my case's max fit and i am not sure but i think it only fits atx form factor however i know that only diffrence is its an intch or more wider i am curruntly using intel dh61ww and i can see some mother board fitting :sarcastic: points rigt benith my gtx 680 and these are over an intch away from where my motherboard ends and there are 7 pci out ( or whatever ) witch translates into 3 dual slot grpiccards and +1/2 .

my specs are

case : Zebronics zeb-888r
gfx : asus gtx 680 ref
cpu : i7 2600
1 x vertx 4 128gb
2 x hdd (3.5in) 1tb
1x 320 gb hdd (2,5in)
1x samsung dvd writer
smps : cosair gs700
mobo (current) : intel dh61ww

now performancs is not a problem to me scince i am in for either maxi 5 gen or formula board and at most formula
and plz tell me if this will fit
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  1. Can't find the case your specified. Got it's dimensions? I fitted my Maximus V Extreme EATX into my Mid-Tower ATX Case - Corsair Carbide 500R. I Just didn't screw it up on the right side, only the left side was screwed it.
  2. adding more info
    serch "zebronics desire cabinet"
    or this link
  3. Na. Won't fit. Get the Maximus V Gene.
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