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I've got an HP DV6000 series laptop that served me well for years. I finally got my butt around to upgrading the crappy GPU heatsink stuff, so now it runs a good 10C cooler than stock to prevent those overheating things. The problem is that now it's decided to start making a high-pitched squealing/buzzing noise that sounds kinda like a midget cricket. I took it apart as much as I could and stuck my ear around in there and it sounds like it's coming from just below the CPU right by the RAM. There are 2 caps there, but they don't particularly look like they're bulging. The noise starts about half way through the boot and seems to be related to the processor work load (not the HD as I thought at first). I know what fan bearings do and it's not a fan bearing going out. It started doing that shortly after I took it apart and upgraded the cooling stuff, so it kinda seems like I didn't get it put back together right, but all the wires were plugged in properly and all that jazz, so I don't really know what else to check before I part it out and get a newer lappy. Any ideas?
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  1. ...after dinking around a bit more, it maybe kinda looks like the right cap might be bulging a little bit. It also sounds like it's coming from right around the caps. When I poke it with a Q-tip, the right one "seems" to be vibrating a little more than the left one, but it's hard to tell with the fan and HD adding vibrations. Take a peek and see if it looks to be bulging to you guys:
  2. Hey KCD took a look at the pics cant see any bulging personally and if that where the issue the bulging or swelling would be quiet severe within the caps. Take another look at the CPU maybe re-seat it also check that you didn't put to much compound on the chip, not that it makes a difference, its just more of a precaution. physically take the cpu out and reseat do this for the RAM modules as well, one other thing leave the laptop unplugged and without the battery for about 30 min or so, just to run down or discharge the motherboard, we will just have to use standard troubleshooting techniques on this one.
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