Help with choosing graphics card on new build

I'm looking at getting this combo:

I know the Sandy Bridge has the on board graphics, but I'm thinking about getting a separate video card.

I'm looking to play games, I have a 1920x1080 res monitor I'd like to use, but can lower the rez if needed for cost measures.

What do you guys recommend? Thanks for the help!!
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  1. If you're not editing video, get a 2500K. Heres a combo if you don't too intensive gaming:

    Though for something more, heres one with a GTX560Ti, should max out 1080p for the most part.

    2500K +Z68 $320

    4GB RAM $33.99

    GTX 560 Ti $230

    Samsung F3 1TB $60

    Antec 620W $60

    V3 case $39.99

    Total: $750 before rebates.
    You can get a nice 6950 with a nice cooler for ~$30 more.
  2. *edit* Thanks for the reply, btw :).

    How much do you think I would notice the 6950 vs what you have on there?
    Would it be worth it? I mean, it's only $30...

    I'm assuming you'd recommend your custom build over the pre-built combo from NewEgg?
  3. the 6950 would only be a 5% better in average, but more if you crossfire. It is an Asus model with a nice cooler, so noise and temps should be better.

    What games do you play though?
  4. WoW, Starcraft, primarily.

    I'm looking to play some decent games, not like Crysis.

    Do I need any cooling units?

    Sorry for all the questions, this will just be my first custom built unit.
  5. For your needs, the combo with the 6850 would be sufficient actually.

    Or substitute the GTX560Ti in the build above with this 6870 and get a $715 system that should be slightly better than the combo (except the HDD).
  6. Any extra cooling units needed?
  7. Unless you don't have air conditioning, not really.
  8. Blizzard games seem to show a preference for nVidia cards. If you have the budget for it, a GTX560Ti would be great.
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