Evga gtx 560ti sc black screening HELP!

hi I recently built a new system and I was using a Galaxy gts 450 gc with no problems except poor frame rates in some games. I went and picked up a EVGA gtx 560ti fpb. The card was determined to be defective by evga customer service after about 45 minutes on the phone. I went and returned the card today and picked up the SC version of the Evga gtx 560. Its having the same problem. What happens is during game-play in any game the screen randomly flashes black for a few seconds about every 10-15 seconds. This happens in all resolutions but happens the worst in 1680x1050. If I set the desktop res to 1680x1050 it will happen in windows. Sometimes when flashing black the display loses signal also. the system specs are as follows

Gigabyte z68ma-d2h-b3
I5-2500k @ 4.5ghz-1.284Vcore
Corsair xms3 1600mhz@1600mhz ddr3 2x2gb
OCZ elite X stream 800w psu w62a +12v rail
EVGA gtx 560ti superclocked
Xp sp3 (fully updated before installing the card)
275.33 nvidia drivers
Insignia NS-26l450a11 26" 1080p LCD tv w/vga cable

I talked to evga tech support again today and he had me try different moniters, drivers, returning cpu/ram to stock clocks etc..
My cooling is good, Hyper212+ and plenty of case cooling.... It will run 3dmark06 without black screening @ 1280x1024 but sometime dumps to the desktop. Crysis will minimize randomly and has the worst flashing black screen issues. Fsx black screens badly also. Those are the only 2 games installed, as I just built this system about 2 weeks ago with a fresh install of xp sp3. Everything was working perfectly with the GTS 450 I just don't understand this. I am waiting for EVGA tech support to call me back, they said they are going to research the problem and get back to me today. I was hoping someone here could help me too!

Any idea's?
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  1. Sounds like a sticky one thats for sure. Could be a random incompatibility, real pain in the ass stuff.
    What sticks out for me is the fresh install of XP SP3. Now that was a while ago and im wondering if you are fully updated. If something like Windows .Net Framework was not up to date that could cause issues.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Sometimes re-installing Windows can help fix the problem.Since its a new build,it's not gonna be a big issue....let us know every method you have tried so we can narrow the problem down....
  3. I have tried 3 different nvidia drivers and the 275.50 beta, 2 different EVGA gtx 560ti's, 2 different displays with different connection/cable types, every resolution, un-overclocking the cpu/ram, Using driver sweep and re-installing drivers, I tried putting the gts450 back in and everything works perfectly overclocked or not, tried both dvi-outs, tried re-seating the card multiple times, tried my other 2 pci-e 6 pin connectors, tried a different psu, tried disabling the hd audio(evga's idea), tried re-manually setting my ram latency and voltage.... tried yelling at it too! I have not tried messing with the graphics card voltage yet.. :fou:
  4. Well, i returned the 560 and picked up a 470 thinking it was an issue with the 5 series cards. Didn't help, the 470 does the same darn thing. The gts450 still works fine. Since I can't seem to get any help here or from tech support I am going to return the mobo/cpu/ram in hopes that one of these is screwed up. For some reason any gtx series card wont work at all with this system. I built this system to game, its sad. Even the techs at microcenter can't figure this out.
  5. I also encountered problems with a new build and OS install of Win7-64bit using the MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II (non-overclocked). During gameplay in BFBC2, at 1280x1024 with high settings and 4xAA, the system would blue screen into 10-20 min of gameplay. The Minidump files indicated a bug check code 0x124 which is WHEA_UNCONTROLABLE_ERROR (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) with a Parameter 1 of 0x0. Now the only thing I could tell from this particular code was a fatal hardware error occured but was uncertain to the cause.

    I then ran stress test on the memory using MemTest 86+ v4.20 and on the CPU using Intel Burn Test. All test came back normal after several hours of running tests. I also made sure all drivers were up to date. I then reseated GPU card, but no resolve.

    I also took note of GPU operating values during BFBC2 gameplay using MSI Afterburner which were all within normal range; temp maxed out at 53 Celcius, and all clock speeds/voltage were at reference values. So no overheating or unexpected operating values.

    My next step involved removing the GeForce 275.33 (whql) drivers using uninstall in Crontrol Panel and subsequent run of DriveSweeper to remove any remnants of the driver. Next, I installed the GeForce 275.50 (beta) driver using "custom install" option unchecking the install of Nvidia HD and 3D Vision apps/drivers.

    Well I feel very fortunate to have achieved success in getting this card to function properly. I was able to run BFBC2 on the previously stated settings for 3 hours without a single hiccup. Average frame rates were around 114 fps (if I recall correctly). I also ran 3DMark 11 v1.02 on performance setting receiving a score of 4553. So, I'd have to say the card is running to its expected performance marks.

    I hope you find a solution to your 560Ti problem--there seems to be an abundance of them out there.

    Processor: Intel i5-2500 @3.8GHz
    Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
    RAM: GSkill Eco 2x2GB ECO Series DDR3 1600 (1.35v; 7-8-7-24-2N)
    GPU: MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozer II
    PSU: FSP Group Aurum Gold 600W
    HDD: WD Black 500GB
    PC Case: Antec Solo (GTX 560 Ti barely fits, about 1/2" to spare)
    Monitor: 19" Hyundai L90D+
  6. Just throwing out a thought (might be a poor one)...Could the problem possibly be the OS? You've attempted every fix I did and more, but the only difference I can see is the use of OS's. Does anyone have any idea if WinXP (SP3) could be a potential culprit?

    Of course, we're using different hardware and setups also. So, my thought may be entirely arbitrary and unsupported.
  7. It turned out to be that some Insignia tv's aren't compatable with gtx series video cards. New moniter fixed the issue.
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