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Hello, I'm assembling my new PC, obviously I have to choose the motherboard and that's why I would like to ask here if anyone knows what is the factual speed of transfer via non-native SATA 3.0 ports that are supported by add-on controllers, such as ASMedia 1061 controller used by Asrock and Asus?
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  1. When the drivers are installed properly, as well as the devices, the non-native adapters work just fine. This really isn't much of a concern.
  2. Thank you for your reply, ColGeek.
  3. I should have a copy/paste ready because I see this all of the time.

    Use the Intel SATA Ports or whatever the Native Chipset is on your particular MOBO. Example the Intel are FULL bandwidth and not shared and connected via DMI.

    Example the ASMedia 1061 is PCIe x1 2.0 or <500MB/s shared, so (2) ports = <250MB/s + PCIe switching latency vs Intel SATA3 (2) ports = 1,200MB/s or 600MB/s each.

    Now if you're using (1) device on the ASMedia 1061 I would expect faster than 250MB/s but it's a mute point the Intel SATA3 will pummel the ASMedia 1061.
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