Graphics card advice ~$60 or less

I need to add on a video card to the build I am working on and I'm not versed well enough to make the decision myself.

it needs to be capable of call of duty med-high settings

the rest of the build is as follows:

PSU: 420w

Mobo :



All input is appreciated. Thanks

edit: fixed the links, sorry about that
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  1. Your links are not working for me.
    Do you already have the PSU as its a bit on the weak side ? What resolution will you be playing at ?
    Call of duty is not that demanding so we may get away with the PSU,depends on the other parts.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Your links do not appear to work.

    If your cpu is a sandy bridge, the integrated graphics is about the equivalent of a $50 discrete graphics card.
  3. You can buy the following HD 5670 for $47 + $7 shipping after a rebate.
  4. The his 4670 is an absolutely great card for the price. I highly recommend it
  5. The psu has not been purchased but is sold with the case. I'd prefer to stick with the 420w if possible.

    Also I'll check out the 5670
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  7. computernugget said:

    I might as well attribute this build to you at this point. Thanks for the help in both threads.
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  9. that would be awesome. but its all gouda, just trying to help a bro out :D
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