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Looking at putting together a server-like build. Would cost around 250-300, it's cheap, with a 32GB SSD, 8 GB @ 1600MHz. MicroATX, it would be for me and a few friends with maybe a CS:S server, Minecraft Server, and an IRC channel. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what I should do to create my own server. Can you guys link me to a guide/give me a few pointers on how to go about this? :3

Appreciate it.
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  1. Fisrt investigate which server OS all those programs have in common because thats what you'll need to us for an OS. other than that:

    $50 motherboard, $50 cpu, $50 case, $50 ram, cheap ssd...
    no video card needed beyond setting up the server and installing the OS.
  2. Thanks. And it's an IRC server, not channel, sorry.
  3. well there are windows based irc servers but unix would really be the way to go but that would likely leave your game servers out of the loop...
  4. The IRC wouldn't get much traffic, and it would be nice to have a dedicated MC server. I would definitely not go quad-core (i5 2400) if I went Unix though. Would only run an IRC then :/
  5. An IRC server doesn't get much traffic? They don't even let you run a server unless you have lots of bandwidth, unless things have changed over the years.
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