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Hi there guys I am looking to upgrade my old PC getting a new graphics card and moniter now and opting to replace the motherboard/RAM/CPU later(6 months or so).

So after lots of research i have decided to grab the Radeon HD 7770.However, I would like my new card to work in my old system before it is fully upgraded. As far as I know the PCI-E 3.0 is backwards compatible with the old 1.0 version.But this is not my concern...

The 7770 is 2-slots wide and I am wondering if it will fit in my old motherboard:
Moreover, I am concerned about the fact that new video cards cant draw all the power they need from the PCI slot and need an extra power plug which I am not sure if I have...
Can anyone enlighten me on these 2 points?
Sorry if my questions are noobish :??:
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  1. Dual-slot GPUs will fit on any board as long as you can afford to sacrifice the 2nd slot. (Which rarely is a problem these days unless you have a mini-ITX board with a single-slot or low-profile case.)

    For power, as long as your PSU is of reasonable quality with sufficient rating on the 12V rail, you can use a molex-to-PCIe adapter if the PSU is old enough that it does not have any. The 7770 is just barely above the PCIe slot's 75W spec, the supplemental power connector is a formality more than anything else.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!
    The board states it is micro-ATX and thankfully my case is not low profile or anything however it is VERY old(hoping this is not an issue in any way).
    As for my PSU it is 750W so I dont think there will be any issue with its power if that is what you mean.
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