Geforce GTX590 will work on Asus P5K mobo?

hello guys,
maybe you can help me
i was wondering if it will work if i buy a GTX590 since the reviews look quite awesome, but i have doubts on if it will work due to the PCI express 2.0 slot, which i believe my mobo doesnt support, and also about the size of the g.card, if it would actually fit my mobo or Tower.
right now i have a geforce9800GTX+. I want to use it mostly for 3d modeling and texturing(not that much rendering), not as much gaming(even tho it woould be nice as well). my budget is pretty much at maximum the value of GTX590(so no quadro's please)
i have my system built on a thermaltake Shark to give you an idea of the size i have availiale as well.(i got 4 hard drives in it tho)
and a 700 or 750w power supply(im not too sure right now)

other of my specs includee 8gb ddr2ram, and a quad core duo q6600 at 2400mhz
please advise.

thank you.
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  1. Hmmm interesting.
    Well firstly, the GTX590 will probably bottleneck your PC quite abit.
    Then as well, your not using it for Gaming.
    Suggested, buy a GTX570, GREAT card for great value, and upgrade you mobo or something :)
  2. thanks Paul, Greg, for the fast replies :)

    im doing some quite expensive hardsurface modeling that can easily go over 1 or 2 million polys when smoothed, and i would like to see the textures in hires while im working on them and since i was experiencing some lag on mudbox for texturing(not only that the software itself said that my graphic card memory is maxed out as soon as i slab a few 4k maps on it).
    main software usage is 3dsmax,maya, mudbox,zbrush, and realflow and fumefx(so CPU upgrade might be something to consider was well since these are fluid sim softwares, but right now id like to focus more on graphics card if possible)

    game resolution would be 1920x1080 across dual view(even tho my second monitor is capped at 1280x1024 since its quite small)
    powersupply is a coolermaster 600w (so its quite lower than i thought it was)

    my budget right now is about 1000euros. I didnt want to spend much more money than that, but i know its always a pain to just try to upgrade an individual piece of hardware on the PC. im not sure if new cpus would work with this mobo, then that would mean switching mobo, switching ram most likely, then graphic card..

    I have a friend who bought a firepro, im still waiting to hear his opinion(since he doesnt have it yet), but quadro is way way to expensive, not to mentin that at work noone uses them(im a professional cg artist) so what they recomended me at work was to use a really good gaming one. even tho im guessing the big big advantage between professional cards vs gaming ones is when i use Wireframe mode, which i know its really tricky for gaming cards to handle.
    HDD's can indeed be switched by a 2TB, and i'd move the smaller ones to my 2nd PC which is basically being served as storage PC or renderfarm unit.

    but yea, if bottlenecks thats not very cool. hope you guys can give me some suggestions on what to do.

    thanks again :)
  3. hey again :)
    my friend's card is a ATI FirePro V7800 2 GB DDR5 DVI/2DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card 100-505604.
    psu is coolermaster silent pro m600 600w PSU
    games could be anything really, but usually i use it for online gaming(ps3 for offline games such rpgs), so in PC case, means LoL, 1st person shooters, 3rd person shooters ,strategy games and some Cooperative Rpg's(thinking of the upcoming Diablo3).
  4. why buying gtx590with alot of issues while there is better alternative :6990
  5. e never used an ATI card, so i dunno. im not sure if it would have all the features nvidia ones have with the 3d packages i use(like nvidia physics)
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