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[Help] Building a computer

Last response: in Systems
September 3, 2011 5:54:39 PM

Hello every one :hello: , I'm building a new computer (gaming rig) and I wanted to know if a Intel core 2 quad Q9300 2.5ghz will really bottleneck a EVGA GTX 460 SE 1gb gddr5. I will also buy a MOBO gigabyte P45T-ES3G with 4gb-8gb ram and a Neo Eco 520c PSU. Thanks alot :) 

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a b B Homebuilt system
September 3, 2011 8:54:57 PM

the core 2 is an old CPU, if you are building a new computer, I would recommend you getting the 2nd gen i3/i5 or the AMD Phenom line. If you can wait, you can even go for the upcoming Ivy bridge CPUs from Intel or cheaper FX CPU's from AMD
September 10, 2011 3:52:45 PM

No I already own a Q9300, but can you tell me if its gonna B-neck a GTX 560 non-ti gigabyte. Yes a GTX 560. If it does, will it be like REALLY b-necked, like I couldn't get a playable frame rate in any game or would it be barely noticible. I want to play MW3 BF3 Diablo3 (yeh that alot of 3s) Skyrim etc maybe not maxed out but on pretty high res. on my 42'' monitor (HDTV) 720p Samsung.

Thanks ! :) 
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a b B Homebuilt system
September 10, 2011 4:51:41 PM

I don't think the gtx 560 will bottleneck the CPU at all
September 10, 2011 5:48:28 PM

I want to know the opposite actually. Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU ?

Sorry if it's the same answer xD

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a b B Homebuilt system
September 10, 2011 5:54:17 PM

I don't think any bottlenecking will happen
a c 91 B Homebuilt system
September 10, 2011 6:11:56 PM

You want a 460 SE? That's worse than the 6790 and 5770 but costs more by about $30-$40.

The latter you mention, the 560 GTX would be a much better choice.
a b B Homebuilt system
September 10, 2011 6:14:27 PM

I think he mis-typed since he typed a 560 non TI in the 3rd post
a c 91 B Homebuilt system
September 10, 2011 6:18:55 PM

... Wait? The 560 non Ti is still good. I agree with that card.
a b B Homebuilt system
September 10, 2011 6:20:25 PM

Ye, the 560 TI or not is a good card. I dont think the CPU will bottleneck the gfx card tho.
September 10, 2011 8:27:38 PM

Awsome, well I'll order it soon! By the way, if my tv is called a 720p screen, does it means that if I plug it with an HDMI cable, the max res I'm gonna get is 1280×720 (wich is fine for me, I don't mind not having a ginormous resolution)

Thank you alot for your time !!! :D 
a b B Homebuilt system
September 11, 2011 2:07:32 AM

Yes, the max res is 1280 x 720 if the monitor res is that. The more pixels (higher the number res) the better the quality of the gaming/movies/whatever.
September 18, 2011 2:05:01 PM

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