9600 GT crashes/freezes

I have been having a trouble for a long time, but now problems have been increasing in frequency and I am trying to figure out whats wrong. So here my issue as best as I can describe it. I play on my computer a lot, and there's a few triggers I have noticed;
1 while playing a game (seems just about any game) my graphics will go all crazy(spazzing for a minute then freezing totally) there are tons of triangles and colors as well as sound locks up(usually theres no blue screen I hard reset after a minute).
2. I will be watching videos on youtube(running google chrome) and looking up other stuff or whatever maybe playing a game but it does it even when I'm not... So sound locks the video freezes computer slows to a halt but after about a minute I get a popup that says shockwave flash player crashed, after that blue screen.

The first one happens most often.

I have checked system logs and after my computer crashed a few hours ago there wasnt any log of it(had to do a hard reset).

I have had problems with it ever since i re installed windows in January I thought it was drivers so ive updated them periodically but it persisted and is now worse than ever.

I installed a registry cleaner earlier today prior to my crash, didnt seem to help.

I run spybot S&D and regularly scan doesnt seem to be virus related.

The other day I opened it up cleaned inside my case getting most of the dust but maybe some big chunks went into stuff where i couldnt get to them.

System monitor says most of my stats are good but my video card is running at like 64 C idle and goes up 69-72 while im running a game i dont really consider to be graphic intensive. Fan speeds are idle around 45 increasing to about 55-60 while i was running a game.

help me out this is getting to the point where im afraid to use my computer cause a crash seems always around the corner.
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  1. Your graphics card is probably gonna die soon. You should look to get a new card like a 5770 ,which is about 115+.
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