Has my graphics card died 8800 GTX

System specs:
Thermaltake Toughpower 750watt psu
nvidia 680i ultra sli mobo
2gb corsair ram
EVGA 8800 GTX graphics card
Intel extreme QX6700 quad core 2.67ghz
Tuniq Tower 120 heatsink


I built this system about 3-4 years ago and it has lasted me a fair amount of time, my problem right now is that I recently started getting issues with what I'm pretty sure is the graphics card. Basically I was in-game and the graphics started tearing and getting distorted all over the screen such as textures zooming in very close when they wern't before and can see inside the character models very glitchy, I would also get small pink lines (almost like dots) appear all over the screen before this happens. Then after about 15 seconds of this it would blink to the dreaded blue screen of death which had some instructions about resetting the display driver. I downloaded the latest driver off geforce.com, I already had a fairly recent driver before that. It was fine for about 6 hours then started doing the exact same thing. It started only affecting when I was ingame but now even on the BIOS screen the yellow text is mismatched at parts with lines missing on the letters and stuff.

It may also be worth mentioning my pc is almost due an overhaul I don't really have the cash right now so I'm trying to go as cheap as possible at the moment, I'm pretty sure the CPU is slightly damaged from an overclocking venture I tried about a year ago due to the heatsink not being properly seated it was a right pain to get in to position its as big as a toaster. Also my monitor has a problem from a car journey where a certain someone smashed the boot on it repeatedly trying to get it shut. It basically flickers for about 30 minutes to an hour before it comes on clear, starting from completely black. But that hasn't been an issue for a while I just do something else when I turn my pc on. I don't have another pc so I can't plug that in and test it's not the monitor but I'm fairly sure its the graphics card.

Its important that I determine the exact part I need to replace as I'm really short on cash right now being a student and it's not something I can afford to get wrong considering I buy most of my parts of ebay which is a pain to return hehe. I should also mention that since I started writing this post the monitor has completely stopped picking up the graphics card altogether as in its just a black screen and the power button is flashing like it does when nothing is plugged in.

I know this sounds obvious but I really want the clarity, thanks in advance.
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  1. Anyone? :<
  2. Hi, from reading your post I've once had a similar problem with my computer and changing the graphics card did fix it. Also If you have on-board Graphics try that to make sure it's not the Graphics card.

    Hope i helped
  3. Graphical anomalies on the screen are mosty caused by the graphics card. A graphic card usually lasts about 2 years of intensive gaming and you are lucky that yours lasted 4 years. The best way to know for a fact that this is the problem is to borrow a card from a friend and test it on your system.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys really helped me make a decision, mates gona pop over with his a bit later
  5. markstudent said:
    Anyone? :<

    Bump posts
  6. Quite possible the video card. Could be the monitor.... c'mon, kicking it ?..... Could be the vga cable.

    Try selecting vsyn in the nvidia control panel. borrow a monitor if you can. swap out the old cable for a new or borrowed one.
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