Radeon HD6970 Issue

Hi guys :)

I appear to be having an issue of late with my graphics card (Radeon HD6970) / display (VE276Q - 1920x1080 DVI 60Hz) while playing computer games (team fortress 2,portal 2, minecraft etc).
Not too sure what could be causing it. Please see my link to see what I'm talking about.

The screen instantly becomes split down the middle (sometimes more to the left or right) when I'm playing a game, and I feel like I'm running dual monitors on the one screen! This happens without warning and can occur whenever. However, it does not happen very often (about three times in the past three months).
Also, It has no effect on the performance of the game, and it continues to run perfectly normal except now being in its current split state!

The only way I know how to quick fix this issue is to restart my computer. This returns the display back to normal.

My pc is fairly new and graphic card drivers were updated about a week ago.. I was having the issue before I updated the drivers, and updating them did not seem to help at all.

any ideas guys? :(

thanks heaps :D
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  1. I would keep working my way back through the driver releases until you get to one that works. Otherwise, if you have a card that can't consistently render a screen properly, I'd return/exchange it.
  2. Yeah I could play this scenario out two ways.

    1 - would be rolling back to a previous driver, waiting a month or so and seeing if the problem occurs, if it does go and do another rollback

    2 - would be returning it as I think it is still under warranty.

    The Radeon HD6970 really does give me the shits actually, it has so many issues with games and just won't perform to the high standard it is supposed to give me.

    Any other options I could think about? Cheers Fonzy :D
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    I know AMD fan boys will think I'm a hater, but I really think AMD is going through a rough patch when it comes to their drivers (actually since 2010). I had $800 in a crossfire setup and was getting issues playing BFBC2 even after over a year's worth of driver releases. I waited over a year for them to straighten this $#@% out. This was not the only game I had issues with (back in the AGP days, I never had an issue with ATI drivers).

    This is why I switched from being exclusively an AMD buyer to Nvidia. Value seems to have its price. I have had absolutely no issues with my SLI setup.

    You seem to have a unique situation though. I don't think everyone gets the Windows split-screen issue. A simple exchange should do the trick, though you may have to continue to put up with various issues pertaining to different games.
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  5. Yeah man I used to go AMD all the way, but ever since I poured my savings into my HD6970 and were given an issue with every game, I am strongly considering switching sides for my next build (Which unfortunately won't be for a while because I just upgraded!) Maybe I can do a swap-over or get some credit at the store I bought my card.

    I guess I'll just put up with this split screen situation and add it onto the list of issues from AMD. It's not happening too regularly but enough to make me frown.

    Cheers for keeping this thread alive uber :)
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