Which motherboard should i choose

I'm buying a new motherboard and a new processor.

I will probably buy Intel Core i3-3220, 3.30GHz, 3MB, LGA1155, 22nm processor, and now i got to choose one out of 3 motherboards for it.

Those are: Intel DH67CL
Asus P8H77-V LE

The prices are pretty same.

So i want to find out will the cpu work with those, and if it will which one should i choose?
I do not plan to overclock anything.
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  1. Go with this one:


    Cost less and good quality. No need to get a z77 chip for i3 cpu.
  2. You can't use H67.

    Either H77, Z77 or B75.

    If your plan to overclock in the future and/or use multiple graphics cards, you need the Z77.

    If you don't plan overclocking in the future and only plan to use a single graphics card, I'd recommend the H77.

    I also would recommend Asrock.
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