Needed help to change my Dell inspiron 530s case with compatible case

i have bought Dell inspiron 530s slim case pc
And now i want to move every component to New and nice case
As i want to install a good graphic card

Please suggest best case, graphic card and ram for my dell inspiron 530s slim case

Also tell me the best upgrade i can do
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  1. Doesn't Dell use BTX boards not ATX?

    If I am correct (pretty sure I am) you cannot stick its guts into a normal case.

    I'm finding conflicting answers in some searches, some say they are BTX, some say they are micro ATX.
  2. Does my dell inspiron 530s motherboard support Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case
  3. It should fit, but check the backplate on the dell case and see if you can use it on a new case. Some are built into the case and can't be removed.
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