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Hello everyone, this is related to my desktop and I am having problems identifying the problem.

For a start, here's my specs if it helps anyone:

mb: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 - Intel X58
cpu: Intel Core i7-920, 2.66 GHz
ram: Corsair 4x2GB DDR3 1333 MHz XMS3 9-9-9-24
vga: ATI Gigabyte HD5850 1GB GDDR5
psu: Enermax MODU82+ 625W
system hdd: Samsung SpinPoint F1, HD322HJ, 320GB
data hdd: WD RE4 Raid edition, 1TB (new one bought week ago)

The pc has been put together by me 3 years ago and it was working perfectly fine without any issues until now.

Simply put, my problem is that the pc does not want to boot at all, the onboard power button is glowing and when I press it / or the one on case, the LEDs everywhere start glowing and then it all dies, no response at all, fans doesn't even start working and there is no sign of activity (not even beep code).

It started doing this when I bought new 1TB hdd and connected it. The pc refused to start just like it does now. That time I solved it by switching PSU cables, because I thought the cable could be faulty or something. When I did that the thing started working again and I thought the cable was at fault. But yesterday I turned off the pc and from that time It doesnt want to start.

Here's what I have tried so far:
1) removing all components except graphic card and ram to test if it will boot, it actually did boot once (but since I had no hdds connected I turned it off and put system hdd inside, pressed power button and the problem was back. Now it won't boot even without the hdd.

2) tried all extra PSU cables / sata cables I have, no luck.

3) removed all external hardware and tried to connect and boot the pc in other rooms to make sure the problem isn't in my power outlet or something

well that's all. Only thing left to do is to disassemble whole pc, clean all parts and put it together again but I didn't want to do that without asking here first.

My suspect no.1 in this case is faulty PSU, what do you guys think?
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  1. I would make two recommendations. First see if there is another PSU you can test with as that is a very common culprit in a case like this. Second, another extremely rare thing I have come across, but does occur, is that the BIOS gets all wonky and tries to Overclock itself to settings at which it is not stable. So question, does the power cycle at all (appear to be turning on and then off?) does the power keep on (the machine starts but will not POST, or show the fancy screen with all the fancy words) or does it not even attempt to cycle the power?
  2. Sorry that you may have mentioned it above but I am trying to get to something more exact to see what is most likely the problem with your computer. (In reference to the power cycling question)
  3. I think you are on the right track, try another PSU.
  4. powercroat783 said:
    Sorry that you may have mentioned it above but I am trying to get to something more exact to see what is most likely the problem with your computer. (In reference to the power cycling question)

    No problem.
    The motherboard in idle state seems like it's powered (the button is glowing and one blue LED is working also) but when
    I press the button, nothing happens. Only few other LEDs and it dies right away, it isn't even one second.
    Usually the fans start right away but now not single fan is doing anything at all, not cpu fan, no gpu fan, not single chasis fans... everything is dead

    also I forgot to mention that I cleared the cmos, so any faulty bios config should be gone (there shouldn't be any anyway since the pc was working on same bios for 3 years)

    and sadly I dont have any secondary PSU at home, nor any friends who could lend me one, so I wanted to be sure before buying new one
  5. This does seem like it is more of a PSU problem. If money seems to be an issue you can try to RMA your PSU instead (if its under warranty), but if it turns out your PSU is fine they will make you pay for shipping both ways. However, this may be cheaper than having to buy a new one and then hassling to return it since it is not the problem. I would highly recommend trying this first, and then come back if you still have problems. I will leave this flagged, but for now I cant see anything else that could be a problem, other than perhaps the motherboard.
  6. thanks, I will try getting new PSU then. Money isn't problem but I dont like buying something I might not need so I just wanted to get opinions of others before doing it.
  7. Ok new PSU really solved the problem, thank you guys for the help ^^
  8. If you gave me a best answer then I would be really happy cuz it would mean i score points :D
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