Reference gtx 570 vs zotac amp 480

hello, i'm trying to decide between a zotac amp gtx 480 for $310.00 or a reference evga gtx 570 for $275.00

i'm hoping to get some input as to which would be better to pick up. i've seen the comparisons from hwcompare and anandtech and a few other forums and comparisons, but really i'm just curious which would be the better buy based on the prices.

thanks for any advice


edit: and for clarity, the links are through newegg, but the 570 would be bought elsewhere to get the 275.00 price.
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  1. GTX570. No reason to get the GTX480 now.
  2. usually it's the zotac that's cheaper so that's what i've been leaning towards, but with the 570 currently being lower i just wanted to have someone tell me to get the 570.

    thanks ;)
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