Tried everything i can think of hrlp meeeeeeeeee

hello i have a big problem cant seem to fix since buying gtx 460 superclocked when playing bf3 a cpl of weeks ago i closed the game down and after a few mins my pc blackscreened.I tried to rebbot and for some reason pc would power up but no pic on monitor. after many attempts it did . played game for a while then this time could not get pc to boot for whole day i stripped pc down and rebuilt giving everything a clean new paste for cpu cleaned fans
system is cpu intel q6600 @2.4
asus pk3pl_am epu motherboard
2x2gig corsair xms2 ddr2@800mhz 4-4-4-12
asus 500watt psu
soundblaster xfi extreme audio
every thing was fine till i played bf3 but now even when brousing the same thing happens.I have run 3dmark 11 and system was stable memtest was the same all heat has been monitored and is stable cpu 25 hdd 25 and sytem all 25 degrees. im at the end of my tether with this ,gpx card is only three weeks old and is running at factory superclocked
hope thats all the info needed and thanks for any takers
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  1. PSU or GPU are my suspects here! Can you try the GPU in a different computer.
  2. have tried and all is good on both accounts
  3. my psu works fine in friends pc also gpu just cant seem to find prob i also have now blue screen errors occuring 0x0000001a
    0x0000003f all stating harware failure but upon testing all was good any other ideas?
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