My Son's Computer Shuts Down Randomly

I gave my son my old computer when he turned 10 2 months ago. I have had this computer for around 4 years, and this was before I even knew about building computers.
It has always worked fine, without a problem.

My son likes to play browser games, and most importantly Runescape. He has a membership, and the problem does not allow him to play at all.
So here it is:

When he plays Runescape, in particular, after around 30 minutes of playing the whole system randomly shuts down.
This is what happens:

As he plays, the system begins to work slowly. Then everything freezes up. Once it freezes up the bottom bar that has the start menu button, and other applications disappears. I part of the desktop background takes its place. If he presses anything, that also disappears, and the background replaces it.
Then the whole screen turns blue and I see many words and symbols. it only lasts for about a second, so I cannot see what it says.
Then the screen turns black, and says "the monitor is going to sleep"
It is not yet over.
The monitor turns back on and this is what is says:

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device and press a key_"

if I press any key, the same message is written above the first.
I am then forced to shut down the computer by holding down the power button.

So has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions on what to do? This problem must be very annoying, and I feel bad for my son when it happens. On a different forum, someone suggested that the computer over heats, but I do not think that is the problem. If my son plays runescape right after he turns the computer on, it is not possible to over heat in 30 minutes, is it? I think it something else, but I have never had such a problem.
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  1. IT might be a virus or something. You should just do a reformat to save yourself the hassle.
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