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Need help/advice. I want to upgrade my EAX1650Pro vga into something that can play smooth on at least 1360x768 resolution and i want the PhysX feature on it, i dont need the SLI feature yet because i'm still using my old mobo ASUS M2NPV-VM (i think it still use pci-e x16 ver.1.0); m processor is AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ using corsair twinX (2x512mb) ddr2 800MHz (i intend to add more 2x1gb), My PSU is Acbel 400w, i'm using 1xSATA HDD 7200rpm and 2xSATA Green (WD Green) and 2xDVD-RW, i'm confuse at GT440 and GTS450, what should i choose? or is there any other option?

MoBo : ASUS M2NPV-VM (PCI-e probably still ver.1.0)
Memory : Corsair TwinX 2x512Mb 800MHz (intent to add more 2x1Gb)
Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ AM2
current VGA : EAX1650Pro
PSU : Acbel 400w
HDD : 1x Regular SATA; 2xGreen SATA
Optical drive : 2x DVD-RW
need PhysX feature
no need SLI feature
intent to use to play games smootly at 1360x768 resolution or better

thanks for the help/advicess.
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  1. also i would prefer if the vga use at least 1Gb of GDDR5. Thank you...
  2. Which of the ~12 games that support GPU accelerated PhysX do you play?

    Of the cards you listed, the GTS450 is the faster card. Not sure how well it will work with your PSU.
  3. i like to play COD, front mission, crysis, brink, resident evil, etc, pretty much high-end games (except f1); actually i have already ask these question in the past and people suggest ati radeon HD 5670s, but suddenly i got so busy that i cant execute my upgrade plan, then this time i have my time again, but after browsing the net seeing how fast the tech have gone i intent to re-ask again with additional requirement (the PhysX feature); ohh ya, i almost forgot the new vga have to be able to play HD1080p movie smoothly. thanks again, and yeah i know that the gts450 is pretty high vga and require additional 6-pin power connector while the gt 440 dont need one (actual is gt440 is the same with gts440?), that's why i'm asking the forum here.
  4. None of the games you listed support GPU accelerated PhysX. This means you don't need/have to buy an Nvidia card. The 5670 is considered the best bang for buck card that doesn't need the 6pin PCIe plug. Considering your low end CPU, I'm not sure I'd get anything better then a 5670 either. I'm not sure what the GT440 is, only GT4xx card I know of is the GT430. (slower then a GT240.)
  5. so... i dont need PhysX ? ? ? ? then what about duke nuke forever? batman? etc? also beside HD 5670 is HD6670 too much ???
  6. I don't know if DNF uses PhysX, but my guess would be no. Batman does, but you didn't list it as a game you play. I wanted to get a PhsyX card as well. But all I play is TF2 and L4D2. Valve doesn't use PhysX, so it wouldn't do me any good to buy a card that supports it seeing as I don't play any games that use it., The big games that use it are Batman, Metro, Sacred 2, Mirrors edge, and that new one who's name escapes me. (sandbox type game I think.)

    The 6670 is probably ok. (anything around the speed of the 9800GT should be fine.) The problem many see with the 6670 is that it costs more then the 5670, but isn't that much faster.
  7. then again my MoBo is kinda outdated (2006) i think it still uses PCI-e x16 V.1.0, can it run any VGA with PCI-e x16 ver.2.0 or 2.1 without any troubles? and is GTS450 or GTX550Ti too hot for my 400w PSU ?
  8. Not sure you should check the label on the PSU for amperes.

    With low-end cards you can't really do PhysX anyways. If you do you'll have to do CPU-based PhysX and in that case there's no difference between AMD and nvidia.

    I have 460s in SLi for Arkham City.
  9. For the PSU label, it says 18A on +12V1 and 16A on +12v2 with max power total on +12v rail is 276W, so? can my PSU handle the GTS450 or GTX550Ti? (PSU Brand AcBel with Product No. ATX-400CN-AN8FB)
  10. 276W / 12V = 23A. You'll be cutting it close, but you should be ok. The 3800x2 is either an 89 or 65W part if my memory serves. 89W + 110W + 50W = 250W, which is right at the limit of what your PSU can do. Run it, but your next upgrade needs to be the PSU.
  11. really? can my PSU really run the GTX550Ti? then to which 12v rail should i conncet the 6-pin power conncetor? the 1st rail 18A or the 2nd rail 16A ?

    ok then i will try the GTX550Ti but which brand should I chose? and should i choose the pre-overclock ones or the standar ones? At my local store there is only Digital Alliance, Manli, Zotac, Sparkle ?
  12. 550 or 450? I computed for 450. I'm not sure what the TDP of the 550TI is.
  13. according to nVidia GTS450 use max 106w, GTX550Ti use max 116w
  14. Then its still possible, but you are really straining your PSU. The closer and longer you run it at your 276W limit, the faster it will die.
  15. ... so then i will just have to stick with HD6670 ???
  16. You could get a 5770. Similar TDP as the GTS450.
  17. but in order to not pressuring the PSU, is it still OK to use HD5770 vga? or should i stick with HD5670 or HD6670? because i play games on 1360x768 res. (if it possible i want it to be on very high settings with at least 30fps)
  18. The 5750 might be a better idea. TDP is 76W, which is only 10W or so more then the 5670. Performance is much better however.
  19. then which one is better HD5750 or HD6670 ?
  20. 5750. The 6670 is a slightly faster 5670.
  21. but is 5750 as efficient as 6670 in power consumption term?
  22. No, it uses more. TDP is listed at 76W, and it does need the 6 pin PCIe plug. If power is a concern, the 6670 is a better choice.
  23. and what's the nvidia version of HD5750?
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    GTS450. The GTS250 also performs around the same, but uses more power, lacks DX11, etc. I usually suggest the 5750 because the GTS450 performs the same, but has the power draw of the 5770.

    Nvidia with their "large chip" practice doesn't have any good lower end cards. The GT430 is slower then the GT240. The GT240 only performs like a 9600GT. If you look at the lowend, Nvidia hasn't released ANYTHING that can compete with the 8800GT (renamed to the 9800GT). That card was release how many years ago?
  25. mmm, well then ok, thanks for the advices
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