Windows 7/SATA problems with fresh build

I decided to get parts to build a new system with all the upcoming games this fall. It's not the first system I've ever built, but it is the first one I've had problems with and I am at my wit's end.

After installing all the hardware I booted it up, checked BIOS first thing and it detected my cpu, ram, ssd, hd and dvd drive perfectly and the cpu was running nice and cool, voltages were nice hey super, job well done. I pop the Windows 7 install disc in, reboot and run the install and after it gets to the point where it unpacks Windows file I got up to take my dog out. I come back and it's a black screen. Leave it on overnight in case it's just Windows being odd but in the morning still nothing, I restart and gives me a disc read error. Reset boot order and try installing windows again though I notice my SSD (Which I set as the original install drive) has 2 seperate listings, one with 100MB total and filled space and then the rest of the drive. I then tried installing to the regular HD figuring I could deal with the loading speed loss as long it's up and running and then just reformat the SSD in Windows.

This time I watch the install and it eventually gets to the point where it asks to restart my PC for the first time, I do so and it gives me a disc read error again. However this time I go to check my BIOS and all 3 SATA devices (SSD, HD and DVD) are all missing, it's listing nothing on the IDE channels. I have no idea what to do at this point and would love it if you people could give me some advice and where to go from here.

Specs are as follows:
Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 Motherboard, i7-2600k CPU, 8 GB Corsair DDR3-1333 RAM, EVGA GTX570, Corsair TX750 V2 Power Supply, Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD, Western Digital Black 1.5TB Hard Drive, Samsung SATA CD/DVD Burner, Windows 7 Home w/ SP1 OEM Install DVD
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  1. Maybe your DVD drive doesn't like SATA 3? Can you plug it via SATA 2?
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