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i'm trying to share a folder over two different domains i cannot find the the user from the other domain when i;m trying to assign permissions. what can i do? thanks in advance
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  1. Do you have a trust setup between the domains? How are you trying to add the users? Are you changing the user domain location in the dialog box?
  2. yes, there is a trust between the domains, in fact the folder was shared for two days, until one morning when stopped working. i'm trying to assign ownership and permissions but i cannot find the user from the other domain(the user that will have to access the folder). i don;t know what you are talking about the user domain in the dialog box. i;m looking forward for your answer. thanks
  3. You have to search the Entire Directory for the user account. Or select the specific domain to search. Entire Directory will probably be easier.
  4. When you add a user to file rights, the default search is your current domain. Sicne the user you are adding is on a different domain, you need to change the location for that user account. If you look at the add user dialog, you will see a "search in" place where you will find your domain name.
  5. yes, i clicked on locations but the problem is that i cannot see the other location. please help!!:) thanks
  6. You have Domain Trust issues. Consultant your Systems Administrator to check out AD Domains & Trusts.
  7. Or you just don't have transitive rights to access the users of the other domain. Regardless, it could be a trust issue or setup by design. Consult the person who configured it.
  8. will do... thanks for your help
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