PC turns on, after a few seconds off then back on again


I'm not sure is this even a problem but I'm worried what might happen 'long-term'. Every time I turn on my PC it starts running for a second or two then it shuts down (before any screen appears). It stays shut for about 2-3 seconds then starts running and boots into windows.

Recently I have upgraded my PC (new graphics card, overclocked CPU, new heatsink, more RAM) and I'm not sure when I started experiencing this problem but it was definitely during or after the process of upgrading.
Other than that my PC runs normally. I stress tested everything and it works. I'm pretty sure its not my PSU because I play Battlefield 3 on ultra settings without crashes or anything.

What might be the problem? If anybody has any suggestions I would be grateful.

My system:

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Chassis: Asus Vento A8 (with two 80mm fans)
Motherboard: Asus P5E
Graphics Card: XFX 6870
Processor: Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz (Overclocked to 3.0 GHz, 1.23750 V)
Aftermarket Cooler: AC Freezer 13 (Arctic Silver 5)
Memory: 6 GB (667 MHz)
PSU: Asus model A-55GA (550W)
Back-UPS CS 500 (APC)

I had some problems with temps after OC-ing so I had to drill a few holes at the front side of my PC to get better airflow. My temps are fine now but I made a few holes pretty close to power button (Goes without saying that I haven't touched any of the wires that go to button)
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  1. its a common problem with asus boards wont do anything long term--even their most recent boards can do it

    try updating the bios it may help or may not

    i had the same with a p5k whenever i overclocked the cpu
  2. usualy when that happens the BIOS restets itself. You have overclocked you CPU, that might be a problem. Try to boot with default settings and see if it persists
  3. Thanks for replies.
    I will try using default settings and see what happens. One more question, in case this problem is caused by overclocking what should I do? If theres no chance of long term damage I can just leave it be?
  4. ran my e8400 overclocked for 2 years no problems got used to the double boot in the end
  5. if the OC its causing that problem try to lower it, i.e go for 2,9 Ghz
  6. Sorry for not replying quickly. Yeah its the OC thats causing the problems. Since theres no long term danger for double boot I'll leave it at 3.0 GHz.
    Thanks for helping me out guys!
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