Missing Ram

Hello guys i got a big problem il give u some details what happend

So First of all i cleaned my PC removing the cpu cooler,ram,gfx.i did clean it up.

Later after that i was messing around with the Ram settings in BIOS(since my ram was 1600,and it was set to 1300) i changed that to 1600.There was like 6 8 10 12 and when u enter 12 it changes to 1600.thought it was ok.dident check how much ram i had then.later on i did see that i have 8gb (3.99gb usable) that is when i click propertis on my computer.I installed also AIDA64 there it says total 8172 MB,Used 2371 and 5796 FREE.so i went back to bios made the default settings but nothing happend.

The ram was working normally and all of a suden its showing 4gb.I checked the ram slots,i got 4x2gb,the ram works fine,but i noticed when i put them in on of the 2 slots and power on the PC the pc starts runing but no screen is on.

I also flashed bios to the newest version after that,Removed the CPU and attached it again,MY system is WIN 7 64 bit,the option in MSCONFIG was unchecked.

CPU - i7 860
MOBO -gigabyte ga-p55a ud4
RAm - Kingston Hyper X 1600 4x2gb

i hope u guys can help me out creeps me out
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  1. the ram is probably being used by some program or integrated graphics as a form of storage or something.
  2. Some older motherboards can't properly run RAM above 1333MHz with two modules unless they are only single-sided modules. You might have such a board.
  3. it was all fine and working,but now it shows only 4gb ram.so what can i do to get it working again ???
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