Titan Fenrir EVO Compatible with FX 4100 ???

Hi guys... Is the Titan Fenrir EVO cpu cooler compatible with the FX 4100?

Need to find out ASAP ><

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  1. i dont see the AM3 + adapter for the Titan, only AM 3.
  2. sigh >< i cant believe i didnt think about this before i bought it xD! any1 else know for sure if it wont be compatible ?
  3. crisan_tiberiu said:
    i dont see the AM3 + adapter for the Titan, only AM 3.

    am3, am3+ same thing. The only difference is the layout in some of the pins, but the size/heatsink fittings are identical. Have you bought the fx4100 yet? just in case your out of the loop, they are a fair bit slower than the old phenom II line despite the higher clock speed.
  4. unfortunately yes i have bought the FX 4100. but the only other CPU available to me was the phenom 960 T. Which i heard was rubbish >< glad to know that my cooler will fit lol :P (hopefully) I will just be using the pc for Starcraft 2 and MW3 so hopefully the cpu will be ok for that ^^
  5. actually the 960t is great. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/phenom-ii-x4-960t-zosma-core-unlocking,2627-2.html it can be unlocked to a full 6 core phenom II. you should have gone with that.
  6. darn :P well i dont really mind since i wont be using any cpu to its full potential due to only needing it for gaming... once i start to produce music again i will get a new rig specifically for that ><
  7. SC2 is pretty cpu intensive LoL
  8. popatim said:
    SC2 is pretty cpu intensive LoL

    it's particularly dependant on per-core performance, which the fx series is very poor at, worse than a core 2 or athlon II.
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