Will it run crysis and battlefield?

I'm thinking of getting an ASUS gtx 560, or a GTX 570. I wanted to know if it can run crysis 2 in the new 1.9 patch maxed out. Is it worth it to buy a GTX 570? Or should I buy the GTX 560? And can it run battlefield 3 beastly? I need at least 30+ FPS. My resolution is 1920x1080.
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    the gtx 560 will have trouble but the gtx 560ti won't have any trouble.The 570 is overkill for 1080p.I recommend buying the gtx 560 ti as it will max out all your suggested games and if you do run into trouble maxing them out you can always overclock the card to gtx 570 performance
  2. 570 will not be an overkill, but yeah, 560 ti will mostly be the best card for you, might as well consider a 6950 imo
    but you will get 60 fps on 1920x1024 max quality and at 4x aa
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  4. Celpa thanks for the info. Can you estimate the average fps of the GTX 560 Ti for the games?
  5. yes.
    crysis maxed out with 2XAA= 38 fps
    according to an interview by DICE has stated that battlefield 3 is slightly more demanding than the original game.Now the gtx 560 ti destroys battlefield bad company 2 at 1080p with aroung 63 fps average.So even in a worst case scenario I predict that the 560 ti will max out battlefield 3 with 40-50 fps.You should also be able to max metro 2033 with tesselation but no DOF(DEPTH OF FIELD)
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