Igloo 1100 CU cooler replacement

Got a new PC and it has the IGLOO 1100CU PWM cooler installed. Well its a POS. I have the i2500K and the MSI P67A-C43 botherboard. If i want to do any kind of overclocking the fan has to go. I've never replaced a HSF before but it does look like this is mounted with a back plate. It has screws to screw it in. So if I get a new HSF does this mean i wont have to put a new backplate on and therefor wont have to pull out the motherboard? as you can tell I'm trying not to pull out the mother board :) Any recommendations on replacing this cpu cooler? Thank you so much.
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  1. Your case will determine if you need to pull out the motherboard. If theres an access on the back side, then you wont need to. If not then yes you do.

    The cooler looks pretty stock, with the regular turn stubs though. Perhaps the screws are to hold the fan to the hs? Check again. You might not have to change backplates if its a light enough hsf.
  2. Thank you. It looks like its a simple like Intel design back plate. The case does have a cut out in the back for the backplate but it is offset and covers about 3/4 of the back plate. i THINK if I remove it I might be able to slip out the back plate and put in a TX3 without having to remove the whole board. Now i'm just on the fence it I just go ahead and remove the whole board and get the 212+ since I might have to do it anyway. arrrr.
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