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Hey guys,

Just got done building my first build and was wondering which of the many drivers I would be needing for my Asrock z77 Extreme6 motherboard. My set up is as follows:

i5 3570k cpu
Asrock z77 Extreme6 motherboard
G.skill ripjaw x series 16Gb
Sapphire HD 7970 vapor-x
Coolermaster silent pro 1000w psu
ocz agility 3 SSD for OS (free with motherboard at the time)
seagate 1tb hhd
corsair h100 cooler
corsair carbide 500r case

Also since this is my first build any other ideas on what drivers to get or bios flashes would be of great help
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  1. I would go to the Asrock website and download and install all the drivers for the z77 Extreame6 and then the Sapphire website.
  2. Checked the Asrock website and there are 16 separate updates, are all of them required? Or are some of them optional
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    i would install them all.
  4. Awesome thanks
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