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I7 980x to keep or not too keep?

Hi I've been planning a new build in order to get away from my terrible alienware case. I originally wanted to simply transfer all my components to a new case but I found out quickly that would not be feasible with the stupid oem cooler, cramped mobo, and the clunky psu. So basically I'm practically building a new pc anyway. I am using the following components for sure:

Case- SilverStone Rv02B-EW
Psu- Corsair HX850
Cooler- Noctua NH-D14
Gpu- XFX 6950 1gb from the Alienware

Memory I will probably buy some new because my alienware stuff was generic, but the problem comes in mobo choice. As the title suggests I have an i7 980x, I don't have a huge attachment or appreciation for this expensive chip because I received my alienware in a system exchange and would have never bought it myself. I wanted to know if staying with LGA 1366 would be a good idea in this build since I have this CPU, I know Sandy Bridge is highly competitive (if not better) with this thing. I save money this way because I only need a mobo instead of a mobo AND a new cpu, but with 1366 being phased out (980x already deactivated on newegg didn't even know that!) I'm just not sure. Do you think this cpu is up to 2-3 more years of gaming, or should I upgrade to sandy bridge/ maybe Bulldozer when it drops? If this chip will be competitive for a around that amount of time I'll feel fine keeping. it. I don't know much about cpu scaling so I'm sorry if this question is stupid obvious, I'm a simple gamer, not doing heavy video editing or anything like that where I know this cpu would excel at, so game performance is all that matters.

This would be so much easier if I actually dropped $1000 bucks on this thing myself, wouldn't be even considering not using it it haha :lol:
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  1. Stick with the 980x. If anything, the i7-2600k Sandy Bridge processor gets a few more fps than the 980x in some games, but the 980x is still the better CPU. Also, consider that as time progresses, software and games are going to utilize those 2 extra cores/4 extra threads more regularly than they do now, so the 980x probably has a brighter future for the next few years than the 2600k.

    As far as the platform goes (LGA 1366 vs. LGA 1155), you are probably not going to see either of these in your next build, as the next Intel processor (Ivy Bridge) is slated to use a different chipset. Between these two existing platforms, 1155 supports the great Sandy Bridge CPUs, but 1366 still has greater memory bandwidth.
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    No IVB is not going to use different chipset, in fact (if you believe Intel) all the current LGA1155 motherboards will support IVB CPUs whenever they come out (probably Q1-12), probably all what will be needed is a BIOS upgrade.

    I think you will be better off saving the money and sticking with CPU, as it will serve you alright for next 3+ years. Hell my desktop PC still runs Q8400 which isn't the fast and highest CPU of its time, and still does all what I needed to ;)

    So +1 with Penny on keeping this CPU.

    LGA1366 will be succeeded by SNB-E/LGA 2011 platform, but that is a totally different subject.
  3. Well looks like I'm going to keep it, thanks to the both of you. Still trying to find a good mobo with multi-gpu spacing besides the rampage III.
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