Dvi to vga adapter not working

Hello,please help.
I bought yesterday new video card,it's GTX560 and it has only 2 DVI port and one HDMI port,and I have Belinea monitor which has only VGA port,I have DVI to VGA adapter which I got with video card,and when I plug everything (with that adapter) my monitor doesn't got any signal,it says to me check your signal cable,please what should I do? PS-I for sure know that my monitor and my new video card works because,my friend has monitor with DVI port and when we plug in that it works fine,but my,with adapter don't.
Please,I need this quick,I'm waiting for this PC for 3 looong years,now when I get it,I can't play. :SS
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  1. check that the adaptor does not have sckewed or bent pins, and that all the essential pins are there:
    do the same for DVI:
    make sure to check on both sides of the connector. you maywell need a new connector and/or adaptor depending on which ones faulty. assuming ofcourse that you have already independandly ruled out a monitor fault.
    but before u do any of this try to run windows in vga enabled mode (press f8 before boot), it may well be in a resulution not compatible by your monitor
  2. or you could connect ur friends montitor, change the resolution to something compatible with ur new monitor, then reconnect
  3. When I start my PC,it wont even display anything,just black screen. :S. I have 2 adapters and 2 DVI ports,and I tried with both adapters and both ports.
  4. Heeeey bigbang,look at this pic,http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/1907FP/en/..%5Cgraphics%5Cdvi_pin.gif ,I don't have this numbers: 3,9,10,11,19,22. And that left side I have that line like on DVI-I.
  5. that was really the reason why i linked u those 2. yes you either have to add the right pins on both sides, or buy a new cable/adaptor that are the same
  6. sounds like the adaptor is a cheap one. i had a vga cable with a couple of ends missing was £2.99 lol. then i got one for £10 works a dream with all the pins in place. but i would wait for someone with experience on dvi/vga adaptors.
  7. A passive DVI-to-VGA adapter. This adapter will NOT work with a DVI-D output. It requires a DVI-I or DVI-A output to get the analog signal to a VGA input (even if the adapter looks like a DVI-D). A more expensive active adapter (or converter) is required to connect DVI-D to VGA.
    more information on : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface
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