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Best sli and crossfire setups out now!

Hey guys,

What are the best sli and crossfire setups out now?

This is my first multi gpu rig and im torn between a few :s

I plan to stick with one monitor at 24" 1080p at 1920x1080.

and i dont care about overkill, i just want to be able to run everything out now maxed out and not have to upgrade for a while.

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    6950 Crossfire is one good option, but if you want Nvidia/3D, a pair of GTX560Tis or GTX570s do the trick.

    Strictly speaking, a single 6950/560 would be fine for 1080.
  2. its just that i would like not to upgrade for a least 18 months or so lol and i would like to run soon to be released BF3.
  3. 18 month isn't long though, and adding another card isn't hard either/
    Whats you budget anyways?
  4. $1000 towards gpu
    i was leaning towards towards gtx580 in sli lol or should i just get one?
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