570 oc 1.25 v 570 ref 2.5

Evga makes both of these cards. One is overclocked and comes with 1.25 gb ram. The second is a reference card but has 2.5gb ram. The 2.5gb is a bit more (+$50) not worried about the price difference. Ive been reading the vram has been capped under dx11 but im not really sure how much of an issue that is going to be.

Going to run at 1050 res., may end up at 1080.
Msi p67 rev3 65a
750w antec blue psu
8gb g.skill 1600

Trying to decide whether to go with more ram and lower clock or less ram and oc
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    I don't think that you will utilize the extra VRAM unless your playing on multi monitors or 2560 resolution. If you plan on playing only at 1920x1080, then the 1.25 GB one will probably suffice.
  2. I agree with mrjellybean. The only thing I would add is that if you don't care about the price, the extra $50 for more RAM might be good to have, just in case, at some point in the future. As far as the factory overclock, use EVGA Precision to overclock the reference model yourself for the same or better boost as the factory overclock.
  3. Is it a problem to oc a ref card? I thought i would end up with a cooling issue.
  4. Anonymous said:
    Is it a problem to oc a ref card? I thought i would end up with a cooling issue.

    No problem whatsoever. EVGA even includes overclocking software. The cards are going to have almost identical coolers and components.
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