Asrock Z75 Pro3 CPU support?

I'm about to buy a system based on the Asrock Z75 Pro3 motherboard, but I'm just a little confused about the CPU support. I was thinking of putting a Core i5-3470 in it, but this is one of the newer of the Ivy Bridge processors, so I'm unsure about the CPU support. Asrock's CPU support page says it's supported as of BIOS 1.20, but how do I know if the motherboard I buy will ship with 1.20 or newer? Do I need to contact the reseller or Asrock to find out? Or is there nothing to worry about?
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  1. Z75 is an ivy bridge board, so it has access to all lga 1155 CPUs which include:

    Sandy and Ivy Bridge: Celeron, Pentium g, i3, i5, i7 and Xeons

    according to my page, most of them say version 1.1 for ivy bridge processors

    as for bios revision, its basically gamble if your taking that chance. it will usually be based on when that bios revision was made.
  2. Well the thing is the 3470 is newer than the Z75 chipset or even the Z75 Pro3 motherboard. Most of the Ivy Bridge processors were launched around the same time as the Z75 chipset, so they're of course supported with an early BIOS version. This one's late to the party.

    The 3470 is supported with BIOS 1.20 which is dated May 14; the first BIOS is 1.10 which is dated April 20. It's only a few weeks, but I still don't feel entirely happy about gambling with CPU support even if the odds are good.
  3. I cant say theres any 100% way in order to do it. the only way you can almost ensure it is having access to someones sandy bridge processor if necessary. if you dont have that, buying the 3470 is a gamble.
  4. I saw this post and you bring up a valid point, and the only way to know for sure is to contact ASRock. BIOS 1.10 may or may not allow the newer IB to post; my best guess is there's a generic CPUID to allow the IB to post so you can update the BIOS to the latest microcode.

    This is why I like technologies like ASUS's USB Flashback where you don't need a CPU or RAM to update the BIOS...
  5. jaquith said:
    This is why I like technologies like ASUS's USB Flashback where you don't need a CPU or RAM to update the BIOS...

    Yeah that sounds very handy for this kind of thing.

    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll get a hold of Asrock just to be on the safe side. :)
  6. Please let me know what ASRock says, and I hope it works out :)
  7. Well, the retailer obviously didn't know anything about this. The price of the Core i5-3450 around here dropped a bit today, so I decided to just buy that and the Asrock Z75 Pro3 since they definitely work together. I'll still relay any information that might come out of Asrock regarding support for the 3470 though. :)
  8. Sakkura did asrock mentioned that it will support the Core i5-3470 or not. Also i am looking to build a pc as well.

    Could you please care to leave a feedback or some advice as to what i should purchase especially i am concerned with the motherboard as well as i am think to purchase Asrock Z75 Pro3.

    Your swift reply will be really appreciated.
  9. They never answered my question, so there's not much to tell.

    My motherboard did come with the original 1.10 BIOS when I bought it though.
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