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Could anyone enlighten me what is motherboard exactly? I have red about it, but still can't understand clearly. Also could anyone tell me how to find my motherboard model on my PC? If you need here is a link to my PC manual, on the end there stands my PC setup.

Does motherboard have to do anything with GPU, CPU, RAM compatibility? If so, would my fit there, if you guys found it in the manual. Soz if I'm wrong about this, just want to make sure my GPU will fit into the PC before I buy it :pt1cable: .
Thank you!
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  1. First off the card is quite large 11.22" x 7.28"x 1.77". and it takes a power supply of at least 500 watts and yours is only 360 watts. You would have to check to see if you have enough room in your case for that size of video card.
  2. I'm buying new CPU 650W one, forgot to mention probably.
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