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Hello everyone. This is my first post and I wanted to know if someone could see if the parts I bought for my new computer are compatible to each other. I am new to this. These are the parts:- Processor: Intel core i3 2100 sandy-bridge 3.1 ghz 2x256kb l2 cache 3mb l3 cache 65w dual-core, Motherboard: Biostar h61ml lga 1155 intel h61 micro atx intel motherboard, Power supply: Antec bp550 550w atx12v v2.2, Case: NZXT gamma classic series 001bk steel w/ rear 120mm fan, Graphics card: Sapphire radeon hd 6770 1gb gddr5 pci-express 2.1 x16 crossfireX support, Ram memory: G.Skill ns 4gb (2x2 gb) 240 pin ddr3 1333 (pc3 10600), Hard Drive: Western Digital 320gb 7200rpm 16mb cache sata6.0gb/s 3.5... Did I miss anything important? Will all this work? Will this setup/rig get me medium-high settings with new games on a 720p monitor? How long will the build take? I will have my dad help. Please confirm if this will work, and if I need anything else or different for this setup. The parts all together costs me $470 w/ out the os. Please tell me if this will work. Thank you.
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  1. Everything you have up there will work together just fine. As far as FPS on your monitor with that vid card...I have no idea. Best bet would be to google some reviews of that card.
  2. Ok! Thank you for confirming the setup, thats all I really needed. I will research the graphics card I chose to see if it will work for my needs. Thank you.
  3. Also if any one else wants to tell me a better idea for the graphics card, that would be helpfull. I can spend $100-140 on one.
  4. Dude the 6770 will play like a beast at 720p or the 6850 which is $139. ^__^
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