What networking hardware do i need?... (router, switch?)

right now i have :

1 mac pro (dual gb lans)
1 i7 hackintosh (single gb lan)
1 FreeNas server (2 dual gb lans)
1 apple airport extreme
2 macbooks over wireless N

I am adding:

(3) 8 core Xeon 5560 (dual gb lan) (osx or linux not sure yet)

I want to have a little Render farm. the FreeNas being the file server and the render nodes being the 3 Xeons, the Mac pro, and the i7. (5 computers, 36 cores)

what do i need to hook them all up? a 8-port switch?

does network pairing help a lot with bandwidth?

an specific hardware you guys would get to network this stuff up?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. yes get a 8 port 1Gb switch like a Netgear GS108
  2. Thanks Emerald, i wil check out that switch.

    what about network pairing though? is there much benefit? i have heard mixed things.
  3. I think we can help you to find out all you need. You can visit our website here: http://networkequipmentconnection.com
  4. Another great site for info would be: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/

    can't help you too much, but I know those guys can!
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